Business Growth through Software Development


In recent years, software development has proved to be vital for the growth and smooth running of businesses. A large number of enterprises are now outsourcing software development services to enhance their productivity and efficiency levels.

At OneCube Technologies, we take great pride in being able to offer businesses with top-notch application development and online services. Some of our services include CRM solutions, HR solutions, mobile and web application development. We also help develop business process systems, cloud applications, and custom software.

Software development is capable of helping you accomplish a sizeable percentage of your business growth targets. In addition to improving efficiency, software development also plays a vital role in cutting business costs significantly.

What is software development?

It is the process of creating an application or a program that can perform a particular task by following a certain number of procedures. It includes many steps such as coming up with an idea, designing it, implementing the blueprint, testing, fixing bugs and many others.

How do I use software development to grow my business?

One of the biggest mistakes that many business owners make is purchasing out-of-the-box software programs in an attempt to save money. More often than not, this ends up backfiring. The best way to get the most out of new software is to invest in software that is designed exclusively for your business needs.

When an out-of-the-box program does not fit your needs, you are likely to resort to performing workarounds, making accommodations or changing your business practices altogether. In addition to being time-consuming, this is also a waste of money. Always remembers that all businesses do not work the same way, and usually have a customized business model and business processes.

When software development is business-specific, your input and that of your employees is critical every step of the way. Because your insight is vital for your employee, a custom-made application would be a key to fit for your business. A custom app enables you to remove the unnecessary modules while also approving the necessary modules that go into creating the program, which helps to make the most useful information stand out for your company.

Here are some of the ways software development spurs business growth:

1. Enhanced flexibility

As your business continues to grow, clients are likely to start demanding changes in some of your products. This type of feedback might force you to go back to the drawing board in search of new ways of satisfying your customers. With custom software solution, you can be able to be flexible since it enables you to change your approach on providing your product and services according to the received feedback.

2. Reduced costs

Although a pre-made software solution may seem cheaper than a custom solution, that is not always the case in the long run. You still have to pay for annual licensing fees, software support, upgrades, and installation licenses. All these extra costs will inflate your budget considerably. Since custom software is tailor-made specifically for your business, you don’t have to pay the additional fees which makes it economical in the long run despite its higher initial price.

3.Competitive advantage

Since using software leads to more productivity and reduced costs, it is fair to say that it will put you one step ahead of your competition. It means that you can be able to offer your products in the market at lower prices than many of your competitors. At the same time, the speed of delivery of your products will always be higher.

4.Lower training costs

Training new employees can be a costly affair. In some cases, it can take up to two weeks for new employees to get up to speed with what they are supposed to be doing. Fortunately, you can use the services of a software development company to create an application that new employees can efficiently use without any difficulty and keeps the wheels of the business moving.

5.Data management

Data management is an integral part of the overall business strategy. Through software development, businesses can acquire applications that will be used mainly for managing data. Data management helps companies to create new policies or adjust the business model based on employee and customer information that’s collected over an extended period.


In summary, the importance of software development for business growth makes it imperative that you work with a good team which has experience in the software development domain. It’s all about getting the best long-term value for the investment that you make with your time and money. At One Cube Technologies, we have domain expertise in software development and data management. We have a fantastic track record of success with the businesses we have worked with thanks to our attention to detail and dedicated customer service.

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