How Is A Web Application Developed?


A web app is a program built to perform specific tasks, and it uses web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. as its clients. The advantage of using a web browser as a client is that the developer doesn’t need to develop specific versions of the program for different operating systems. How Is A Web Application Developed? First of all, you need to define the purpose the web app is going to serve for your business. You need to understand who is going to use your web app and what problem your app is going to solve for them.


After defining the set of issues your app is going to solve for your users, you must outline the requirements. These requirements will help you understand how are you going to address the specific problems. For instance, a to-do list app allows the users to remember their tasks. The requirements of such an app will be something like, – The user must be able to create a list. – The user should be able to add or delete list items. – There should be an option to checkmark the list items. Process Top-Down Development You build the UI(User Interface) first and then flesh out the data structures and the relationship between the models.

Bottom-Up Development

You can begin with the data structures first if the application relies heavily upon the data model. It can make the UI development easier at a later stage. Technology Stack Choosing the right technology stack is critical to the success of your project. There are two sides to the development of a web app, the front-end, and the back-end development or the client side and the server side development.

  • Client-Side Development It includes everything users see on their screens. The major frontend stack components include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, etc.
  • Server-Side Development The server-side powers the frontend bit it is not visible to the users. The most popular programming languages for backend development include Java, Python, Ruby, and PHP. Node.js which is based on JavaScript runtime which is also used for server-side development.


All projects are usually based on previous experiences and development methods. Developers don’t need to build everything from scratch. They can use specific libraries prebuilt for different purposes. Building The Prototype The first step is to create a prototype of your app, debug it and fix the major issues. The prototype allows you to see the direction in which the development process is going. Building The App Build the app by combining various components of the app. You can follow the bottom-up or the top-down approach depending on the type of app you are developing.


Testing Before launching the app for the users, you must do extensive testing internally. You will encounter a lot of bugs during the testing phase that you could not find while developing the app. Final Words You can use our web app development services at if you have a startup or an established business. Our team of experienced developers will take care of the development of the web app so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

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