Some Good Office Tools & Tech To Use

As the year changes, so do the tech and tools as well. Office tools & utilities are a necessary thing for everyday use at the workplace, and they should be of high quality in work to assist you. While the list is not that huge to ponder, we have mentioned some of the essential office tools and apps that will help make you more productive at the workplace. So, let us see some of the best office tools & tech which you can use in the new year 2017.

Personify -:

The age of real-time presentation has dawned and gaining continues rise as the time goes by. To accommodate this need, Personify has come up with a solution. Personify is a service which uses depth-sensing technology to sense the moves of a person and embed it in a presentation as a video.

This means that by using Personify, millions of people around the world can present themselves live in a meeting or conference without the need for any actual camera device. We believe this app will become a huge benefactor in the professional world by helping numerous people give online presentations remotely and efficiently. Want to know more about Personify? Go to their homepage.

OneCubeCRM -:

According to a report in Business Process Management Journal, CRM applications will grow at a staggering rate in 2018. CRM growth is continuous because a CRM software makes business and client management more convenient and timely affair. For example, how good will it be if you can update your team and customers, send out social updates, manage projects and ask for feedback from your customers; all from one single dashboard efficiently?

This benefits explicitly the small businesses as fewer resources are used to interact with and manage a more significant part of the company. This is why we recommend everyone to use OneCubeTech, a very affordable yet powerful small business CRM application. It is easier to use and provide all of those functionalities required to run a business smoothly and to keep the costs down. Check out our app at OneCubeTech!

To-Doist -:

Arguably the most famous task management application on all platforms, To-Doist gives you a small but powerful app to manage and keep you reminded about the tasks essential in your routine. Living an organized professional and personal life is the first and the primary step towards your success as a businessman, worker, and just as a human being.

To-Doist has both free and premium services to manage all your important tasks for you, literally working as a virtual assistant. Interested in it? Check out the To-Doist official site for more information about this great app.

So, these are some of the apps which will keep you organized and augment your productivity in both professional and personal endeavors in 2017. Adopt and adhere to the benefits the modern technology has to offer and increase both your personal development and business for good.

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