What is Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and How does it Work: [5 Benefits of SEA]


Search engines are now an integral part of daily life. Search Engine Advertising can become significant to your marketing as it is among the most efficient ways to develop your company and promote your products in an extremely competitive market.

In this guide, you’ll get to know the benefits of SEA and why it is essential for growing your business.

What is Search Engine Advertising?

It is the method of generating online traffic by purchasing advertisements from search engines and social media sites.

The main objective of using search engine advertising is to increase the CTR (click-through rate). Ads can increase the number of clicks and bring more traffic to the site.

For online advertisements, you have to use a platform, and one of the most commonly used platforms is Google Adwords which shows your ads on Google websites, Google’s search engine, and Facebook Ads Manager.

This type of advertising is dominant and generates good results because if you are using search engines for online purchasing, they can disclose your specific intent for that product. Advertisers can bid on these particular keywords, and their ads will be shown to the targeted audience, looking for that product.

Marketing companies can, therefore, decide in detail that the ad should only be viewed in the result of the query for the words listed or some similar websites.



How Does it Work?

The search engine advertising theory is fundamental. First of all, you specify the keywords related to a particular industry. Now look for the key search terms used for finding similar offers and websites. These sets of keywords help you in creating a draft text for your advertisement.

It would be best if you worked on creating, executing and maintaining the marketing strategies. During the initial stages, it is essential to consider the expense tracking and regional limitations and optimize the landing pages.

Write down an ad several times before finalizing a copy and try to add the keywords smoothly to make them look natural.

2 basic factors can trace essential parameters for choosing which advertisements to display:

  • Quality of your ad
  • CPC bids proposed by advertisers

The reliability must be kept in mind so that the search engine will generate the most valuable search results instead of providing inadequate or misleading details to the users. This depends on the search intent of each client.

The high position of your advert in the SERP results provides you with an advantage against your rivals. It is one of the factors that help you grow your business.




4 factors Google consider while displaying ads

  • The results shown in SERP depend on the searched keywords. If someone is looking for handbags, he will see the ads of sellers of handbags.
  • Ads may cost more or less depending upon your city and country. Ads will be costly if you want them to appear several times in searches of London.
  • The bidding behavior of an advertiser can be affected as the ads will be shown on certain days or at any time of the day.
  • The local language also plays an important role because Google shows you the ads in your local language.


Benefits of Search Engine Advertising

Increases Brand Awareness

As your advertisement ranks higher, more people will see it, and it will increase brand awareness. Customers get more awareness about your brand, and they start considering you as a reliable business.

They will visit your site to explore more about your brand and products, and this gives you a chance to retarget these visitors again through ads.

Fast, flexible and Customized 

The process of advertising is easy, quick, versatile and customizable and usually can be established in a few hours. These factors make the advertising campaigns comparatively simple. The changes can be made in keywords, web content and spending on the ads based upon the behavior of visitors.


This factor makes the SEA the best tool for small businesses that have a limited budget. Yeah, it may sound irrational because you pay per ad click, but SEA could be budget-friendly.

You can target the specific audience and calculate each element of your strategies in real-time. You have several ways of increasing the ROI and optimizing your budget.

Targets the Appropriate Audience

Your ads are displayed upon the searches of a particular keyword. Someone looking for a particular service or product will see the relevant ad, so it helps you target the appropriate audience.

These days, the audience knows exactly what they need, so the search queries are now modified. They enter the particular keyword for purchasing a product or service and based on their keyword you get the right audience for your ad.

Provides Real-Time Data and Analytics

Measuring the campaign performance is easy now because the major companies provide you all the analytics, real-time data and in-depth information like the average time of visitors on your page, their location, conversion rate, Click through rate, total impressions, average ad position, cost per conversion and the total impressions.

All this data helps you to modify the website according to the visitors on your site and their behavior.




How does SEA affect SEO

SEA is not a part of SEO, but the SEA can change the website ranking. You can increase the advertising impact of your business, and more people will get familiar with your products and service. You can increase the visibility of your company, and it will help you in branding.

Use SEA for brand awareness, and once the audience starts trusting your company it will help you in generating the organic traffic to your site. Search engine advertising is an indirect measure of search engine optimization.



Even if you’re running a small business, the SEA can help you grow your business by targeting the relevant audience. SEA places you next to the users who are looking for the same services and a comprehensive plan can not deter you from obtaining results. SEA is the best way to generate leads, increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

Most of the business owners may feel it too much because learning SEA takes too many resources and time and we honestly don’t consider it your fault.

One Cube Technologies provide you with all services for SEA for your marketing campaigns. We help digital advertisers to build the most productive after-ad clicking experience. Get in touch with us if you want to make money from your advertisement.





If you believe there are some more impacts of SEA on business, feel free to let us know your reviews in the comment section. We would love to hear from you!

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